Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nisqually Delta -- We Made It!

The weather this Sunday was simply amazing - perfect for hitting up an old favorite of ours... the Nisqually Delta. Our family really does enjoy this park so much, each time is a different experience filled with wonderful sites and sounds. Sunday was no different - the air was a flutter with so many birds taking in the sunshine, twitters abound, squirrels were sunbathing, Canadian Geese were tree bound (odd), critters were hunting, snakes slithering about and the beaver even made a brief and enjoyable appearance! The best part -- we finally made it to the END of the new board walk. Four and half miles later... we made it back.

The trails and boardwalk were filled with fellow nature loves all helping each other to find the critter gathering so much attention. Photographers were every where. Kids were finding pure joy in the outdoors. We all left a bit burned from the sun... and it felt good!!! The new board walk is a long trek, but oh so worth it. We went at low tide which expose the grounds for feeding. However, we heard that at higher tide your chances of seeing seals are much higher. It was nice to be out in the sunshine looking for nature at it's finest.

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