Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Holly!

This little girl...

Turned 6 years old yesterday!!!

She is an amazing, beautiful, loving and funny little girl who fills our hearts with complete joy! She enjoys life to it's fullest, explores her little heart out, investigates everything, is not afraid to get her hands dirty, dances around the house in a tutu, is artistic and bright, outgoing with just about anything, friendly to all, cracks up at her own jokes, is mastering joke telling, spends hours each week reading Calvin & Hobbes, snuggles really well, is learning how to swim, enjoys music, is a wonderful big sister, cuddles her little brother and reads to him, sneaks into mom and dads bed and starts each day with a positive way about her! Happy Birthday Holly!

This was her special gift, selected by Daddy...

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