Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bug Day @ The Burke

Today we headed up the Burke Museum with friends for their annual Bug Day. This was our first time, however friends turned us on to their Dinosaur Days... and if it were anything like that, it had to be great! And, great it was.

The Burke Museum had so many wonderful bug options we really only hit a few during our visit. They had a small bug zoo where kids could hold bugs of all kinds. A couple of bug drawing stations, many places set up with microscopes to study bugs, bug specimens, live ant camera, honey bees, entertainment by Nancy Stewart (a favorite of ours) and of course the Bug Chef. A lot to enjoy and explore. We also headed out for a nice lunch with friends to end the afternoon - a really nice time today!

We started off with a bug concert from Nancy Stewart - the kids wiggled, wriggled and squirmed like bugs. They enjoyed the classic 'There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly' and then Holly and a friend got to be helpers for Nancy Stewart with a ladybug lesson & song. Even Hudson was enjoying her music. It was really fun!
After that we watched a brief segment from the Bug Chef... aka- kids eating bugs. Yuck! Then we headed in to see bugs, bugs and even more bugs. It was very cool as there was just about any kind of bug you could possibly imagine today - it was amazing!
Holly at a bug drawing station - she did wonderful on this, even drew the little clear resin cube the beetle was in.
Okay - be forewarned this bug is not for the squeamish... however it was one of the coolest and the largest spiders I have ever seen - larger than your hand (yikes!!!). In fact it is the largest spider they have in their collection. It is a tarantula.

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Tisa Theresa Irene said... I said on FB that you were COOL parents I think you were beyond cool! The bug thing sounded great and from your fantastic photos it looks GREAT However...UGH I HATE BUGS! I would have been great with thes song part LOL....Guess with a grandson I need to get beyond that....