Monday, December 7, 2009

Gingerbread Jamboree

Last weekend we enjoyed a local holiday activity called the Gingerbread Jamboree. This activity is a fun fundraiser for the Tacoma Children's Museum, a favorite place of ours. So, what better way to spend a Sunday morning... than making a gingerbread house and supporting a favorite children's museum.
Holly had pretty much full control over the house ---- which I will admit was really hard to do. Next year I am seriously contemplating getting my own house and one for her, LOL! She did a wonderful job though, in fact I am rather proud of her handy work. Of course the morning was also spent enjoying a ton of sugary sweetness too... I mean how can you build a gingerbread house that has two full unlimited candy bars without eating some, right???
The morning was a fun one - we had the Ross family there and some friends too! A good time had by all for sure!

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linda said...

Love the house and what a great fundraising idea