Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Place

Yesterday we ventured out to the Puyallup Fair for our annual family outing... and had a great time! Bryan took a half day so that we could fully take advantage of the fair, rides and all the other goodies that go with it. Holly was a trooper and made it from around 1:00pm till about 9:00pm - with no complaints or anything! Of course she fell asleep before we even made it home and for those that know... we live about one mile from the fair, I'd say she was exhausted!

The highlight of our visit to the fair though was checking in on Bryan & Hawk's brew entry. They have once again taken first place of their division. I'd say these two are pretty darn good brewers! Bryan seemed a little bummed he didn't win the grand prize, but they won first and best in show for their category - nothing to balk at in my mind! They are pretty proud!

Good Job guys, you deserve it!

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