Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Middle Fork Campground

This past weekend we enjoyed a camping trip up at a brand new to us campground called Middle Fork. We are thrilled that we ventured out in trying a new place... it was fantastic! Middle Fork was down a 12 mile stretch of gravel forest service road - far out and wonderfully located in the middle of no where. However, for being so far out it was well traveled by so many coming out to enjoy the beautiful region, hikes, mountain biking, river kayaking, fishing and more. The area offered so many easily accessible opportunities. And, the campground was well maintained for being so far out - a treat!

Friday we arrived, set up camp and enjoyed the local area with a nature walk and exploring the river some. The kids had a great time finding where they could play at camp, roasting marshmallows and soaking in nature. Saturday we ventured out to explore more of the area and to take in a little hike at Twin Falls - beautiful! We also explored Denny Creek a bit and hit up Snoqualmie Pass for some ice cream in the warm sunshine. Sunday we packed up, had the Ross family visit us and headed back up to Denny Creek with the Ross family to explore a bit more. We are about to head out on a long camping trip there with a lot of folks, it should be a lot of fun!!!

We had a wonderful weekend!

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