Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stream Play

Yesterday we met up with some friends over at Wildwood Park. This park is just wonderful - it is a very natural area in which you almost feel like you are camping. Holly calls it the 'camping park'. It featured a beautiful canopy of trees, trails and paths, a shallow stream and a play ground -- plenty for hours and hours of happy play.

Hudson got to enjoy his first time playing in the stream. He played for a while when we got there, then more later on in which he proceeded to fall a lot and get soaked. I let him play and explore until he was cold - then we got all cleaned up and enjoyed the mellow part of the park... the play toys. He had a great time!
In the mean time Holly was off exploring the woods with friends. Up one trail, down another. Climbing over logs, scooting under fallen trees, balancing on limbs, trudging through ferns bigger than her and exploring her little heart out. She could do this all.day.long and never grow tired of it!Over all - it was the perfect day!!!

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