Thursday, March 31, 2011


Our house has the cooties... aka - colds! Holly is getting over it pretty quickly, Hudson now has a double ear infection, I am congested pretty good still and Bryan - he is as healthy as ever. With not feeling well we had to cancel out our week of fun and stay put which soon feels like being cooped up, especially when you are a family used to being on the go.

To help fill in the days we are coming up with creative ways to play. We have broken out the tumble mats, blown up balloons, popped balloons, made race car tracks, watch a few movies and have done a ton of bubbles. Now that Hudson can walk and move better bubbles are a whole new experience for him. He loves them and says 'bubble' clear as day.

Here is to hoping we are on the mend and can get back out very soon!

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