Sunday, December 19, 2010


This year we did not end up planning a trip to Leavenworth because we did a really big vacation to Disneyland. However we kept thinking about Leavenworth, Holly kept asking about Leavenworth and Bryan still had a long weekend off... for Leavenworth. Originally we were going to fill that weekend up with other holiday stuff.

But, Saturday morning when I woke up at 5:45 AM I laid there and thought... 'I wonder if we could get it together quick enough to just go for the day'. When I came out to scout Bryan out and see if he might be in the mood for that - he surprised me with ALREADY looking at hotels for Leavenworth that morning. Seems he too was wishing we had planned a trip after all.

So, by 6:00 am we decided to head over after all. He called and booked a hotel and we were on the road later that morning for three days in Leavenworth!
Saturday was snowing when we hit the mountains and kept snowing.... snowing and snowing! Crazy amounts of snow to be honest! It was simply beautiful!!! I did not take my camera out that day as the snow was simply to thick to even try and get photos. So, we just enjoyed the sledding hill, town lighting and dinner in town that night.

Sunday we came back in town for the entire day of sledding, hanging out, a bit of shopping and good eats! Sunday night it was getting pretty icy early on so we brought food back to our hotel room for a little 'hotel picnic' and tv -- Holly thought that was pretty darn cool! Then Monday we hit the road for home after stopping for a nice breakfast in town and some antique store enjoyment!

It was a fun weekend!

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