Friday, March 14, 2008

The *LOVE* of art!

Holly is a little girl after my own heart! She loves art - any kind of messy art project she can get her hands on ~ the better. And, for those that remotely know me -- I too love a good messy art project! Just the feel and sound of pretty papers, the smell of glue and the sight of colors, colors and more colors is enough to woo me over; whether it be crayons, oil pastels, markers, chalks, paint... it is all a thing of beauty!

We try to squeeze in at least one kind of art a day -- usually much more than that though! In fact we two have been known to spend an entire morning doing art! We will choose something that is around a seasonal holiday, an animal we are learning about, a skill like scissors & drawing or the best -- free style collage or painting, in which music is usually requested :)
Since you all cannot share in the plethora of art, crunchy paintings,dried layers of glue, early scissor cuttings and cotton ball extravaganza -- Here are some shots of our 'art wall' to enjoy! It really is a wall of love, creativity, experimentation and joy!!!

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